Books available through me

1) The Dawning:

A small city is the victim of our government and their scheme to control population.
Planes fly low over the city dispensing a fine mist of poison.  578 pages @ $19.99

2) A Soldier's Voice:

What really happens to our soldier's after they've come back home? If they come back home.
Does any one really know the heartache or torment they endure?
This book tells of some of the lives of these soldier's, male and female, after the fact of serving.
170 pages @ $15.99

3) Invade Earth:

Aliens have come to feed!
People are frantically trying to escape the grasp of these creatures!
Families are torn apart, lost, dead, eaten.
It is a mad world! 308 pages@ $17.99

4) Jesus Can You Hear Me?

This is my shot at Christianity.
My views and opinion's, my belief's. 44 pages@ $9.99

5) Desdemona

Two young boys find treasure hunting a heap of fun until one day
when they uncover the devil himself, Vlad the Impaler . 
Now they must rush to put him back where he belongs, buried. 312 pages@ $16.99

6) Jar Head

A young boy joins the Marines at age seventeen.  He soon finds out that this is not
what he had expected.
He finished his boot camp and finished his 4 years to later in life find out that he was
dying from his service to this country. 80 pages@ $10.99

7)Thirst For Thy God

Sarah is mentally ill. Her parents efforts to heal her are exhausted!
Finally, they admit her in to a psychiatric hospital. The hospital can not help her
but she finds help all on her own, she finds God. 120 pages@ $16.99

All books shown above in pictures are available through me, just ask.
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